MWR Hunt Information


The MWR Hunt is restricted to the dates listed below:

16 MAY 2022

23 MAY 2022

24 MAY 2022

27 MAY - 31 MAY 2022

You must call Range Control 24 hours prior to your hunt to confirm there has been no change to the training schedule.

MWR - Military / Employee Hunting SOP OCT 2021 - SEPT 2022

-- Current full time MDMVA / FCTC employees with valid ID
-- Active/Retired MIARNG members with valid ID
-- Anyone with a valid DoD ID

Final approval of the hunter eligibility rests with FCTC Garrison Commander.
Eligible hunters may host up to 2 guests. Guest's are restricted to immediate family members.Guests are to remain with their sponsor at all times. Hunters must have (1) signed copy of SOP on file with FCTC-DPOTS (Range Control) and (1) on-person in order to go afield.

CHECK IN/OUT PROCEDURE All weapons brought onto Fort Custer must be declared and visually identified at Front Gate. All sportsmen must check in/out with Range Control during normal business hours before going afield and immediately after returning from your hunting area. Outside normal business hours check in/out is at the front gate security post. Hunt dates will change according to troop training schedules and it is incumbent upon the hunter to coordinate through FCTC-DPOTS (Range Control) at 269-282- 7559 prior to your hunt. A tentative schedule of available hunting dates and times will be posted on the website: (This will change regularly due to training schedule changes so check often).

If you harvest a deer please notify Brian Huggett in the Environmental Office. This is for courtesy and tracking/herd management purposes only. Contact Brian at 269-282-7878.

Compliance with these procedures are essential to maintain a safe and responsible hunt. If individuals are found to be out of compliance with this SOP, privileges may be revoked at the discretion of DPOTS or the Post Commander.

HUNTING AREAS Training Areas 1-8 (Areas 1-2 archery hunting only) ALL SPECIES/ALL SEASONS. There will be no hunting/fishing in the North Impact Area (all land north of Territorial Rd. and South of Range Rd.). This duded impact area is off limits as per Army Regulation 210-21 Army Ranges and Training Land Program. (5-11d).

HUNT DAYS Hunters must coordinate with FCTC-DPOTS (Range Control) to ensure requested hunt days do not conflict with troop training. Public Hunt days: due to COVID-19, the Public Hunt days are currently not authorized.

SPECIES Small game and whitetail deer are authorized species available to hunt during MI-DNR published seasons and with appropriate licensing. Coyote hunting is not authorized. Hunting/Trapping of any other species must receive approval through FCTC-ENV and FCTC-CDR.

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT Shotgun, bow, crossbow and muzzleloaders are the only approved hunting weapons at Fort Custer Training Center: Rifles are not allowed. Concealed weapons are for personal protection and must be self-declared upon entry to Fort Custer Training Center, they are not to be used for hunting any game species. Access will be denied to any persons transporting weapons not approved for use on Fort Custer. Dogs may be used for waterfowl hunting as long as they come on post just prior to hunting and leave immediately when finished. Temporary elevated tree stands may be used for deer hunting (no screw in steps or permanent blinds). Tree stands and hunting blinds must comply with the 2020 Michigan Hunting Digest (Ground Blinds on Public Land), cannot be placed prior to September 1st, and must be removed no later than January 31st. Tree stands and hunting blinds found after January 31st will be removed and disposed of. It is the sportsmen's responsibility to know what they are shooting at, what is both in front and behind their target.

Failure to adhere to these regulations/guidelines could result in restrictions or complete revocation of the following privileges at FCTC; hunting, driving, admittance, etc. Hunting privileges may be revoked by the Garrison Commander if he/she determines the hunter, sportsman, and outdoor recreationist is not in compliance with the said SOP as shown above. Furthermore, violations of state or federal law will be reported to the proper authorities without reservation or prejudice. Military personnel are always held to the UCMJ in addition to any violations to state or federal laws.